eCampus Ontario, a Canadian EdTech Startup challanged us to create a captivating Brand Identity including: UX/UI Design and Visual Design.

The online hub for learners and educators across Ontario

eCampus Ontario, a not-for-profit corporation funded by the Government of Ontario to be a centre of excellence in online and technology-enabled learning for all publicly-funded colleges and universities in Ontario.

eCampus Ontario web design

Designing a brand for an organization that is rapidly evolving and pivoting is a complex challenge. How do you create something that will be used for products and services that are still undefined?

eCampus Ontario bottle design
eCampus Ontario notebook design
eCampus Ontario brand identity logo design

A simple, playful illustration style that’s tailored towards each endeavour. A clear robust typeface, legible across all platforms. Finished off with a friendly, hand-crafted logo system that encourages the audience to explore fresh approaches to education in Ontario.

eCampus responsive web design

Meeting and learning through focus groups from both the student population and various levels of academia across Ontario offered insights into how various regions are viewed and how they access information and resources.

After establishing the eCampus Ontario brand identity and visual language we were fully engaged in the users experience. In order to refine our direction we conducted a one week design sprint with eCampuse Ontario’s team. This stage allowed us to explore many possibilities and ended with a prototype to put in-front of actual users who provided further guidance for the UX design.

eCampus office interior design