Great brand identity and graphic design is simple, but simple is far from easy.

Understanding, refining, and polishing the idea helps your audience clearly see your message.

andy edge workspace

For over a decade, I’ve been creating memorable brand identities coupled with bespoke logos and a compelling visual language. Along with the other great graphic design required to reach your audience.

In London I worked across some of the worlds biggest agencies both as a full time and freelance graphic designer and art director for global brands. As a Brand Identity Consultant in Toronto, I help develop brands, websites, and products with our established global network of industry experts that will help you achieve your goals.

andy edge workspace

Graphic Design Experience

I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director across top agencies and directly with Fortune 500 companies. The timeline below illustrates the agencies I've worked for as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director along with the clients I work with directly as a Designer & Director creating logo, brand identity, product and campaign designs. The bigger the logo size, the more time I’ve spent working with that client.