Branding & UX Design

The secret of our design method

To connect with your audience, you need a design that responds to their needs.

How we work

Through a series of steps, you'll connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level.

Step 1

Design Thinking

Identifying and solving real user needs through teamwork, ideation and prototyping.

Step 2

Branding Design

Building a unique brand identity that expresses your core values and beliefs. Logo design and all.

Step 3

Visual & UX Design

Delivering your product’s key features through consistent patterns and visual attributes.

Step 4

Design System

Establishing the DNA of your product through a set of coherent and useful components.

Design System

Your product’s core-essence, expressed through a consistent experience across all points

Built with Angular Material

This Google UI library helps you build attractive, consistent, functional websites, and applications.

Mass Viable Product (MVP)

A simple but functional prototype allows you to collect precious data from your users interaction.

Multi-platform deployment

Highly adaptable designs that maintain a unique, coherent and well defined expression and structure.

Visual & UX Design

Experiences that are functional, enjoyable and visually appealing.

UX Design

Create interfaces and interactions that are intuitive, easy to use, and engaging.

Graphic Design

Apply your brand’s essence through typography, colour, and design patterns.

Illustration & Photography

Represent your brand through visual art that has its own consistent style.

Branding Design

Your brand is unique and deserves an identity design that expresses its core values and beliefs in a clear, and consistent way.

See what we did for Bomou Bakery in Toronto. From Logo Design to, well, far more than just bread.

Design Thinking

Your users have a lot to say about your product. Their perception is vital as it will guide us to create a solid experience that offers consistency through their entire user journey.

  • Empathize—Truly understand your users’ needs
  • Define—Your Users’ Needs and Problems
  • Ideate—Disrupt, get crazy and create Ideas
  • Prototype—Build a product with the few s features
  • Test—With real users for feedback
  • Implement—Turn the vision into reality and deploy

UX Design & Architecture

Establishing a coherent experience for your users will help you diminish their desire to jump onto another option.

Product design process

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