Graphic Design and Branding is about more than just a cool Logo Design. Start with Brand Identity Design.

This takes into consideration the entire brand experience. Great Brand Identity Design is about big ideas. Specifically, your big idea. What I do is pull it apart and help you present it. This revolves around clear communication that begins with the designer-client relationship.

I often hear startups say “Hey Andy, we need to brand our app” Great, but have you considered why? What you're trying to achieve, and how this will help solve that challenge? Who do we need to reach and once we do, what do we say? Seeing through the forest to focus on the tree or even leaf is crucial to your success. Yes, it’s ambitious. We like ambitious clients. Ones that believe great design and branding is essential to their business.

EdTech Graphic Design, UX Design, and Branding

Helping establish a Canadian EdTech Brand through Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and UX Design.

By creating the Brand Identity, logo and illustration style for a company redefining how Canadians find and access not only education programs but funding and materials as well.

We got our hands dirty digging into the details and user experience. It’s hard work, but user research can produce invaluable insights into how your audience interacts with your product.

Ontario PSA Branding

Ontario PSA: Graphic Design, Logo Design and Character Design.

A playful reminder that when the snow falls road conditions change. We created this fun Brand Identity along with character development and a campaign that included a series of short videos that played in targeted locations across Ontario. Before we could determine how to help communicate their message, we had to first show up and listen.

Ontario PSA Branding
FinTech Brand Identity Design

This FinTech Startup needed a full Brand Identity Re-Design.

They are prepared to radically disrupt the Insurance market. Smart, clean and modern best describes their approach to quoting insurance. Their corporate brand identity, including custom illustrations, needed to match. Not to mention a dynamic new logo design.